I firmly believe everyone needs an Interior Designer at least ONCE in their life!  Whether you are doing an entire home or one room, we have a service and/or package that will work for you and your budget! 

Whether you are starting from scratch or just trying to spiff up what you already have, we have the creative ideas and solutions you need!  You don't have to be rich to indulge in interior design.  We have a package for everyone!



This meeting can be a stand alone meeting or the first meeting in the full-service design!  We start with a bit of research. We’ll ask you about your everyday lifestyle and individual design preferences. We’ll measure and assess your space, and discuss optimal furniture arrangement. We’ll talk about project requirements: whether you prefer to DIY or you want us to take the baton and run!  We will come up with a great design concept so you can get your project moving forward!

I will provide advice and feedback on some of the following:

~How to determine your style

~Add Personality to your space

~Defining your budget

~Space planning (with new and existing furniture)

~Paint colors or a color scheme

~Artwork placement

~Lighting ideas

~Furniture recommendations

~Rugs and window treatment ideas

~Accessorizing and styling tips

~Focal points - where and how to create them


Our consultation will be up to 2 hours in your home.  Cost $250



Our E-design option provides an option for decorating smaller spaces for both in state and out of state clients and is the perfect way to design your dream space to suit your personal style and preferences as well as obtain a design uniquely tailored to your space.

This includes:

~Color schemes

~Floor plan recommendations

~Recommendations for furniture, cabinets, tile, flooring, window coverings, lighting, decor with a detailed shopping list. 

~Design Concept with instruction on how to pull it all together

E-Designs start at $1,200 per room


Full Service Interior design

We’re happy to help you with any interior design project, in any residential space, in any area of Atlanta. Our full-­service design package allows you to enjoy the process while our experienced design team manages the end-­to-­end implementation — including schedule and budget — with your approval.

The consultation is $250 and our hourly design fee is $125.  Sit back and relax and let us handle all the details!   


  • Discuss your lifestyle, needs, and personal design preferences

  • Assess your space and discuss layout and furniture placement

  • Discuss project requirements like schedule, labor and materials costs, and permits


  • Develop and agree upon the design concept

  • Create design board and floor plan

  • Review and approve a detailed rendering


  • Finalize specifications such as flooring, lighting, cabinetry, hardware, moldings, etc., price shop and order materials

  • Secure permits, contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc.

  • Manage budget, construction and schedule


  • Ensure that all furnishings have been delivered and installed

  • Stage the space according to the floor plan and rendering

  • Verify your complete satisfaction with the project

color consultation.jpg

Color Consultation

Color can be tricky.  Whether you just need a designers stamp of approval or you need an entire color scheme, I can help!

2 hour consultation in your home $250